I am so very pleased to announce that I am now the Canadian distributor for EO Tools and will be sharing their fantastic Make & Take kits with all of Canada. Fido & Felix (for your furbabies), The 12 Sprays of Christmas, Rollerball Mentality, Essential Perfumes, Kissable Me, Green & Clean, and their 2 most recently added kits, Progeny’s Potions and Essentially Well are all the genius of EO Tools and they are now available right here in Canada!!!

Have you ever wanted to host a make and take workshop class to help grow your essential oil business and didn’t know how? These make & take kits include invitations, recipes sheets, waterproof label sets, tent recipe cards and a flyer with full instructions and tips to assist you. The Make & Take Workshop Kit can be altered to your specific class size and budget by charging a flat rate to all attendees to cover the cost of the kit, oils & supplies that attendees will be using.

SUGGESTION: Plan for guests to make & take 4 or 5 products for $20.00 to recoup the kit purchase and cost of bottles & supplies to make the products. Kit will be able to be used for another class to make the balance of the recipes. Browse the selection of kits that have been created to support the well-being of your family and friends, enhance your mood, improve the air quality in your home and so much more! There are even kits to help you make essential oil perfumes and air fresheners that you can use during any season! “Oily Accents” wants to be your Canadian one-stop shop for many of your wholesale essential oil supplies. We also sell many of the accessories that you will need for your workshops and to help you grow your oil business! Check back often to see new items that will be continually added. Thanks for shopping for your Oily Accents with us!

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