Essential Perfumes-Information Sheet

These 2-sided sheets are chock full of information:
•Toxin information in commercially produced fragrance products
•Effects of commercially produced fragrances
•Common organic components of perfumes
•What are essential oils?
•Aromatic profiles of fragrances
•Fragrance wheel
•Popular fragrance profiles for men
•DIY – Make your own Signature Perfume blend instructions
•3 DIY perfume recipes (2 are unisex)
•Perfume composition
•Top Notes
•Middle Notes
•Base Notes

Creative Ideas for Using these sheets:
These can be used as a handout during the “Essential Perfumes” Make & Take Workshop setting. This product is ideal for those looking for natural, non-toxic perfumes or to showcase the fun and variety of essential oil uses. When meeting someone new that is interested in oils, give them a tear sheet so they can see the many benefits of making their own natural perfumes.


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