Clear 10ml. Glass Rollerball Bottle with Silver Cap (5 Pack)

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5 Pack of Clear Glass 10 ml. Bottle with Metal Rollerball and Silver Cap
•glass roll-on bottle, metal roller ball top, silver cap.
• Size: 10 cm. (3 7/8″) height x 1.5 cm. (5/8″) diameter. Holds 10 ml (1/3 oz.) of liquid. Approximately 200 dropsREUSABLE : WASHABLE : PORTABLE : CONVENIENT : TRAVEL FRIENDLY
•Perfectly accessible for essential oil therapy or aromatherapy on the go!
•Beautiful, functional, versatile!
•Keep one in your purse, night stand, bathroom, office, send with the kiddos to school!
•Makes it easy to use on Kids, Pets and hard to reach places!
•Very little or no waste compared to using a cotton ball or q-tip!

**Please be advised that a $10 shipping fee will be added once per shopping cart for shipping fragile items. (bottles, jars, etc)**

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