About Us

As an “oily business owner”, I was constantly making up products for myself, family & friends but found that they didn’t have the polished look that I desired. My search ended when I discovered these recipes and vibrant products designed by professionals.

Whether you are a “Do-It-Yourselfer” or looking for an exciting way to present your Essential Oil business to others through interactive & fun Make & Take classes, you’ll be sure to love these beautifully designed materials. We are proud to have become a Canadian distributor for EO Tools which are the creators of Progeny’s Potions, Essentially Well, 12 Sprays of Christmas, Rollerball Mentality, Essential Perfumes, Fido & Felix, Kissable Me and Green & Clean kits and accessories found within. These “Oily Accents” are guaranteed to give your Essential Oil business or personal projects that special boost and look of professionalism.